Thursday, February 08, 2018

Bottlenose dolphins in the Sound of Arisaig.

At first Mike was oblivious to the pod of...

 ...bottlenose dolphins which had been playing in Donald's wake.

 What a spectacle they made against the backdrop of the Eigg and Rum mountains.

They were much more interested in Donald's boat than the kayaks but he obliged us by motoring back...

...and forward across...

...our bows, with the pod in tow, so that we could get a better view of their antics.

 It is difficult to resist being anthropomorphic but these guys...

 ...were having a whale of a time (if that is not an oxymoron) as they alternately lolled in the water beside us before...

 ...exploding into action again.

 They only let us be when we paddled into shallow water to take a break...

 ..on the shell sand beach of Port Eilean a' Ghaill for a delayed first luncheon.

After the excitement Donald and I reviewed our photos and could hardly believe that we had managed to capture the action. I even went for a quick swim which rather quickly pulled me back to reality!


  1. Great pictures Douglas not only of the dolphins but the vivid colours too. As you know I haven't paddled of late so I've missed a lot of posts of blogs I follow. Hope we'll both get back to regular days in the kayaks.

    1. Thank you Tony, I hardly got out after May. I am hoping that this year will be different. You certainly doid not miss anything here, I was off air too!

      Looking forward to normal service resuming in 2018 :o)

      PS we got an even more intense dolphin experience on day 3 of our trip!