Thursday, November 12, 2015

Pleasant procrastination during our peregrinations round Slack Heuch Head.

 From the Mull of Ross we crossed Fauldbog Bay as the sun was fast sinking to the west.

 We explored the rocky recesses among the stacks at the...

 ...foot of the Slack Heugh cliffs where we...

 ...found a blow hole which reverberated...

 ...deep within our chests as the compressed air was blown back through the swell.

 We soaked up the atmosphere as we drifted along the coast. The low warm light made the most of the cliff's contorted features and...

 ...yellow lichen covered rocks.

This was a truly beautiful October evening in a...

....stunning location.

As we entered Slack Heugh Bay a flash of...

...wings revealed the presence of a peregrine falcon.

Still we procrastinated and we were not yet round the Kokatat yellow cliffs of Slack Heugh Head. The autumn night was nearly upon us...

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  1. Interesting last photo with the fault bending the rocks where they were thrust up the fault plane.

    Tony :-)

    1. Hi Tony that's what happened when England collided with Scotland! :o)

  2. Hello Douglas you must have been very lucky with the weather. I have stayed at Brighouse Bay many times and have been round to Little Ross at least 10 times, I have never got that close in to the cliffs. Your photos on this trip are really superb. Cheers Alex

  3. Hi Alex thank you and it it was nice to meet you again in the summer. We certainly did not have such settled conditions this July and August as we did in September and October! The Admiralty Pilot for this coast warns of sudden strong southerly winds and heavy seas. :o)