Sunday, October 25, 2015

Farewell to Cara

From the Mull of Cara we paddled up the east coast of the island  where even in the gentle swell there were surf traps for the unwary. The rocks here were still white with cormorant guano though...

 ...only a few birds remained.

We were not the only ones leaving Gigha and Cara. This beautiful yacht had moored overnight at Ardminish Bay on Gigha and was now taking advantage of the settled weather to make her way back from the West Coast to the Isle of Man via the Mull of Kintyre and the North Channel.

We came to a beautiful series of tombola beaches before...

 ...saying our final farewells to Cara and the Brownie and setting off across the Sound of Cara to Gigalum.

 This was another excuse to paddle through the Gigalum reefs...

 ...leaving the Mull of Cara far in our wakes.

The SW coast of Gigha proved to be...

 ...equally rewarding with crystal clear waters.

We could not resist pulling into Port an Sgiathain on Gigha for a leisurely first luncheon before starting the crossing back to Kintyre..


  1. Perfect :) nice to read your blog as autunm draws in

  2. Curtains closed lights on and watching this is the roll 😜

  3. Hi Allison and thank you. It is certainly past the time of year for rolling practice in the sea. I last went swimming 7 days ago and it was really too cold then. I have surfer's nodules in my ears from repeated dunkings in cold sea water and so like you my winter rolling will be from the comfort of the couch! :o)