Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A quick blast down the Kyle to Rubha Dubh.

 We enjoyed some excellent paddle sailing in the West Kyle of Bute.

 The north end of Bute is a rugged place...

 ...but as we travelled south, the scenery became gentler with villages and farms. We decided to seek shelter from the north wind...

 ..in the delightful sheltered south facing bay at Rubha Dubh on the Bute side of the Kyle.

It was a great place to stop for first luncheon and...

...enjoy a great view to Ardlamont Point at the mouth of the West Kyle and the distant Arran mountains while clouds scudded across the blue sky.


  1. You have has such fabulous weather in all of your posts, we have been very unlucky this year with the weather !. I have just blogged on our cycle tour of 11 Scottish Islands excluding Ardnamurchan and the weather was mainly awful :) TeamAlliMike

  2. Hello Allison, one advantage of being retired is that I can choose what few good days there are to go out! :)

  3. Well I think you should go out more often as I look forward to reading your blog when I come home from work :)

  4. Thanks Allison, I must try harder! :o)