Thursday, June 04, 2015

A haven by the shore of the southern Sound of Islay.

Bt the time we passed the Carraig Mhor lighthouse on the Islay shore to the south of ort Askaig, we could...

 ...see right through the southern Sound of Islay to the distant Kintyre peninsula beyond.

Looking back the Paps of Jura were receding... a rate of knots (literally) as the...

 ...swirls and boils in mid channel pushed us south.

 Amazingly quickly it was time to break out of the flow...

 ...we did not want to be pushed beyond McArthur's Head lighthouse!

 We turned west looking for the tiny haven...

...of An Cladach (the stony shore), another MBA bothy.

This was to be our home for the night. We had arrived on the wonderful isle of Islay from the mainland by a most circuitous route!

 It was six pm and the sun was sinking fast. Tony went for a shower in the local waterfall. I went for a quick swim in the sea. It was only 9C. I suspect the waterfall might have been a little warmer.

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