Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Repositioning the forward fin uphaul on the paddle sailing version of the P&H Aries 155.

I have several times left my friends standing while paddle sailing the Aries 155 with the forward fin deployed. In this photo Mike is being left further and further behind. Although he has a sail, our course is too much to windward for him to successfully deploy it.

This is my secret weapon! The forward fin rotates on an axle and is pulled down by shock cord and raised by pulling...

 ...on the thin central control line, which is then cleated in the cleat  positioned just forward of the forward day mini hatch. I find it a bit of a reach and as I often have a camera bag attached to the deck elastics I can't even see it.

I solved this by removing the cleat and fitting a longer line to the forward fin. I run this through a plastic tube back to the existing cleat by the cockpit which I use for the sail sheet.

The forward fin uphaul is thinner than the sail sheet and the tapered cleat holds them each firmly. This arrangement saved fitting a third cleat and brought the forward fin uphaul into easy reach.

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