Friday, May 01, 2015

Paddle sailing wind over tide in Loch Ailort.

After our eclipse luncheon it was time to set off on the last leg of our journey round the lands of Moidart. Ian did a much better job of launching than I did, I filled mine up with water. Unfortunately for Ian he got his sail tangled and I managed to get my boat pumped out while he made a brief stop in the next bay to sort it out.

 It was really worth having the sails because it was one of the biggest spring tides of the year (eclipse might have had something to do with that!) and the ebb was pouring out of Loch Ailort like a river.

 Fortunately we got some respite from the tide in the bays and...

 ...made good time past Peanmeanach bothy but the mountains closed in and the loch narrowed, the tide increased again.

 We noticed some nice active water so decided to pass on the outside of...

...Eilean a Bhuic to make the most of it. Once we were past...

the island, the view back across the wind over tide waves was really rather fine!

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