Saturday, May 30, 2015

A big egg or a small frying pan?

Tony and I stopped for second luncheon at a little bay on Rubha a' Chrois-aoinidh at the mouth of West Loch Tarbert on Jura. What to eat?

 A big bird.

 An empty nest.

 Is this a big egg or a small frying pan?

As we ate we enjoyed a view over the mouth of the loch to another magnificent raised beach on the north side. After a scrumptious luncheon, the tide had turned and come back in to the boats. It was now time to leave West Loch Tarbert.


  1. I am really disappointed that you continue to post glorifying the consumption of alcohol on sea kayaking trips. I was angry about the joking tone taken by you and your supporters. Now you have really hit rock bottom.You have gone beyond the bounds of decency by raiding a swan's nest and eating it's egg. How can anyone who claims to love the outdoors do something like that? A responsible seakayaker.

    1. Dear responsible seakayaker, thank you for your comment. If you had followed the link you would have found it led to the Tefal one egg fry pan which is very useful size for camping. The egg of course was a normal sized free range hen's egg which did fill the small pan. You might also have noticed that one of the labels on the post was "wind up" so sorry if that was missed. I hope you have fun on the water. :o)