Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mid winter dawn over Portencross.

On Sunday 28th December a brief ridge of high pressure appeared over the west coast of Scotland. We decided to make the most of the short winter day and paddle the 30km over to Arran then get the ferry back. We met before dawn at Ardrossan ferry terminal  where we left a shuttle car.

 In the pre-dawn light, we could see the snowy summits of the Arran mountains over the harbour wall.

 It did not take long to load Maurice's and Phil's kayaks onto my trailer and we then drove with Tony to...

 ...Portencross, where we got ready in the freezing...


 Across the Firth of Clyde a lovely pink glow appeared in the clouds above the Arran mountains.

As it was low tide and the rocks below the car park are covered in slippery green slime, we trolleyed the kayaks 250m round to the little bay by the castle. We were on the water by 9am and slipped out of the narrow...

 ...channel below the dark walls of  Portencross castle.

 As the sun rose, the summits of the mountains caught the sun while we...

 ...were still in deep shade but then...

 ...the sun literally exploded above the horizon.

Despite the cold, it looked like we would have a good day.


  1. Wonderful morning you had and I assume at least one of your photos will be in the 2015 calender, but it must be difficult to choose... Have a great new year of paddling and an enjoyable Hogmanay!

    1. Thank you Leguma I hope you enjoy the calendar! :o)

  2. Cracking stuff Douglas! Even when the wind has dropped here the swell has still been big - hopeful for some paddling soon :o)

    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Ian, we will need to get started on the 2016 calendar! :o)