Saturday, July 19, 2014

We may have left the shelter of the Eileans in Millport Bay on a millpond but...

We left the shelter of The Eileans in Millport Bay on a millpond to find somewhat different conditions off...

 ...Farland Point where the wind was at the top end of F4 against an ebb spring tide in its third hour.

 These photos can only give an inkling...

 ...of the fun conditions we experienced.

Once round the point we entered the main tide race with the wind behind us.

There were some great waves to catch and the combination of the Flat Earth kayak sail and paddling very hard (I do like these VE paddles) meant we could get onto the plane (in fully loaded sea kayaks!) and overtake the waves in front.

 It is a great feeling accelerating down a wave face then breaking...

....through the wave in front then resurfacing with spray flying everywhere.

I hope this video will give some idea of the speed and fun.

Unfortunately not everyone was having fun. As we paddled into the shelter of Largs the VHF radio traffic was busy with calls as the Largs inshore lifeboat and a Sea King helicopter from HMS Gannet were called to assist a small motor boat that had got swamped south of the Great Cumbrae.

All in all our overnight trip to Inchmarnock had proved a wonderful experience. Camping, bonfire, good company, a swim, a pilgrimage to Saint Blane's monastery and some wind over  tide race fun all made it unforgettable.


  1. Awesome shots Douglas. I thought I was looking at Gnarly Dog's blog for a minute *lol* That's a compliment to both I guess.

    Tony :-)

    1. Hi Tony it is great to hear from you and thank you. As you probably know I am a great admirer of Gnarly's video work and I know how much time he must spend on editing, never mind setting the shots up, taking them then going back out with the camera in a different position etc. Through my university work, I got into digital video editing at a very early stage in 1992 with an Intel 486 processor. I got a very expensive IBM analogue to digital capture/playback card. However it was a long slow process and though I used it to do what I needed, it did not leave me with a great love of video editing. Maybe that is why any clips I do make (and I know Gnarly makes) are very short I can't abide the long, unedited sports videos that inhabit much of YouTube. I have found that still captures from videos can often get the essence of a video and often capture what the eye misses in the whole video, Douglas :o)