Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sundown at Imachar Point.

We cooked our dinner on the shore at Imachar Point as there were hordes of midges up by the grass where we had pitched the tents. We gathered a little wood for a fire below the high water mark.

After cleaning the dinner things...

...we had a seat and...

 ...enjoyed the view south over Machrie Bay. The distant headland of Drumadoon Point is 12km away as the crow flies and we had started the day some 20 km further on beyond the point.

 It was now time to savour the efforts of our day and enjoy a swally. Some 15 year old malt whisky was carefully poured.

Nothing quite beats sitting round a camp fire with good friends, enjoying a drink, swapping tales of sea kayaking trips and...
 ...watching the sun going down.

One last check of the boats ( we are not of the school that insists on carrying the kayaks up and laying them down on the grass beside our tents!) and... was time to get the baked potatoes on.

Baked potatoes and butter are a real gourmet treat when wild camping. We savoured them in ...

...the twilight that lasted long after the sun went down.Unfortunately the weather forecast promised F4-5 gusting 6 NE winds with heavy rain showers for the next day.  The rain actually arrived during the night...


  1. A fabulous set of pictures that capture the true spirit of sea kayak camping.

    Brilliant work Douglas !

    Regards Phil

    1. Thank you Phil, it was a really great trip and I very much hope you will make it on the next Arran outing! :o)

  2. What an evening Douglas! You've captured that prism effect over Drumadoon perfectly (my attempt didn't....)

    Days like these are what it's all about :-)

    1. Thank you Ian, it was really great to be paddling with you again. :o)

  3. Douglas this is why the outdoors has such a great pull on many of us. You have photographed the essence of a great evening with friends. A fantastic post!