Thursday, May 15, 2014

There is nothing in our club's constitution to prevent our members taking an early luncheon...

When we landed at Inchmarnock it was high water. Our temperatures were also high and we were so hot that we wasted no time in getting out of our hot dry suits.

Though Mike showed better judgement, Ian and I threw ourselves headlong into the inviting cool looking waters of the Sound of Bute. The air temperature may have been 18C but what I can tell you is that a water temperature of 7.5 is scarcely compatible with human metabolism and life. Ian and I staggered out of the icy waters after only a few seconds. After some time, we regained the power of speech and assured Mike that it had been wonderfully refreshing.

Fortunately there was no wind and the sun had warmed the pebbles on the beach. We warmed up nicely as we enjoyed our first luncheon. Ian and I are often quizzed on the difference between third breakfast and first luncheon. It is really very simple. As we enjoyed a 15y Dalmore with our meal, this was first luncheon. We are most abstemious and.NEVER take liquor with breakfast of any description. It is the only rule in our little sea kayaking club. Of course, there is nothing in our club's constitution to prevent our members taking an early luncheon...

It was difficult to imagine anywhere in the World where we would rather be. There was not another soul, boat, ship or building in sight. The only sound was the occasional lapping of a wavelet on the shingle of the beach. We enjoyed a wonderful view over the Sound of Bute to the mountains of Arran beyond. All this yet I was only 50 kilometres from my home in Glasgow!

We savoured the environs of Inchmarnock for over am hour before we somewhat reluctantly took to the boats again and...

...paddled out of Inchmarnock's beautiful lagoon.

For the full StereoVision experience see Ian's account here.


  1. Well I am glad you cleared that up !!!

  2. Thanks Allison, luncheon nomenclature is a tricky concept for the newcomer but once you have got the grasp of it, it comes quite naturally!


  3. I do find that sea kayaking generates a healthy appetite, much more than any other out door activity……must be the sea air :)