Monday, March 17, 2014

Swell time at Dunure.

 The skies to the west began to clear as...

 ...we paddled south towards...

 ...the fishing village of Dunure.

We managed to get the sails up as the wind freed a little allowing us to just make the rocks off the harbour mouth on a beat. Note how the sail is well sheeted in but not too tight! The luff (leading edge) of the sail is just collapsing as the bow of the kayak has swung into the wind (luffed) when I stopped paddling.

Once free of the rocks we eased our sails and broad reached into the harbour but...

 ...we were unable to land due to it being high tide with a surprising swell.

So we paddled south towards Dunure castle. It was easier to land here as the beach was protected by a number of offshore reefs.

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