Friday, March 07, 2014

A calm evening in the Gare Loch.

 We were now on the final leg of my first sea kayaking trip in seven months. We paddled down the outer Gare Loch...

 ...passing the outer boom of Rhu marina where a flock of...

 ...oyster catchers had gathered to roost for the approaching night.

 The sea was like a mirror as we approached Cairndhu Point...

 ...and Kidston Park where we had left the cars. In the late nineteenth century this was called Neddy's Point. Neddy was the Duke of Argyll's fisherman and lived in a cottage on the point. There was a plan to build a large villa on the point but in 1874 a local businessman and politician William Kidston, a landowner Sir James Colquhoun and Provost Breingan of Helensburgh donated and raised money to buy the land for a public park.

Although we only covered 18km in calm conditions, I was delighted how both my shoulder and knee stood up to sea kayaking after my two brushes with the orthopaedic surgeons. Time for some more sea kayaking!

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