Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pogies at sundown.

 We left Dunure in a glassy calm and Phil quickly put his sail away for the rest of the day, which was...

 ...quickly slipping away as the sun began to dip behind the ancient walls of Dunure castle.

 We paddled along enjoying each others' company just as much as the view over...

 ...the Clyde to the snow capped peaks of Arran.

Behind us a band of cloud crept in giving advance notice of an approaching cold front, which was to bring gale force winds and rain the following day.

The sky above us was still clear and so the  air temperature dropped like a stone. Even though there was no wind, we had to stop to put our pogies on as our fingers had turned to icicles.


  1. It's great you´re back sharing your well written stories and nice pic's!

    1. Thank you Leguma, it feels great to be back even if I am not yet on the water. :o)