Sunday, November 24, 2013

A near miss at the Heads of Ayr.

Unfortunately I have not been paddling since a shoulder operation at the end of July and then a little knee surgery at the beginning of October.This has caused a modicum of pain, which has rather limited my interest in the internet.

However, life goes on and I can dip into the back catalogue for some more sea kayaking posts. This time last year would seem a good place to start....

 It was a cold and frosty morning when we set off from Seafield beach at Ayr on the Firth of Clyde.

 We were bound for the former fishing port of Dunure which lies to the south of the Heads of Ayr.

 The Arran mountains were topped by a dusting of snow.

 We had just entered the shade of the Heads of Ayr when an aerial drama unfolded above our heads...

 Two jets hurtled towards each other...

 ...then created an interweaving...

...pattern with their contrails.


  1. That looks painfull. Good luck with you're recovery.

  2. We're sending good thoughts your way, Douglas, for a speedy and complete recovery. Take good care, we all need you back out there! :) D and J.

  3. Hope for your full recovery and a full season in 2014 Douglas.

    Tony :-)

  4. If a stitch in time saves nine .. the amount you have had lately should hopefully get you walking in the hills again.

    Fast recovery Douglas and hope to see you soon

    1. Hi Donald, thank you. The last time I was up in the mountains was a traverse of the 4 tops of Sgurr a' Mhadaidh via Sgurr Thuilm in June 2004. I do hope to get back to the hills.