Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trouble at the mill on Gigha.

At the northern end of Cnoc Loisgte a sudden break in the rocks appears. It is called Port an Duin, landing place of the fort. A sheltered inlet is created by a small island which sits at the mouth of a small bay below an old dun or fort. These goslings were enjoying the shelter. I had first paddled round Gigha 10 years previously and...

 ...had always wanted to land and explore the old mill. I have visited at least once a year since then but have always been thwarted from landing by either the swell (or midges). At last suitable weather conditions allowed a landing but my troublesome left knee let me down. Low tide revealed a sloping slab covered in slippery seaweed. There was no way I would get across unaided. Fortunately Mike and Phil came to my help and escorted me safely to a the shore.

 It was well worth the trip. The mill is nearly 200 years old, dating from the early 19th century.

 The cast iron lade and...

... overshot 16 foot water wheel are still complete.

 The axle runs through the north wall of the mill and...

...connects to a gear wheel on the interior, which was used to drive the mechanism. The millstones are on the floor under that tangle of undergrowth.

On the mill's east wall the grain shoot is still in existence. Oat grains were poured from sacks which were stored on a higher building on the...

...uphill side of the mill. What a fascinating spot. Thanks again to Mike and Phil for helping me see it.


  1. What a fantastic spot Douglas - another one on the "must do" list! :o)

    1. Ian, I had hoped we might be able to visit Gigha together this autumn (David still hasn't been!) unfortunately my impending knee operation means it is unlikely I will be on the water before 2014 :o)

    2. Dear Douglas. I was sorry to read that you are still getting problems with your knee. Good luck with the operation. I am still sailing Sea Fever, I had 5 weeks in Ireland in 2011 but last year and this have not been so exciting. I think it is time I came north of the border again. Roger Bamford. (Bamford.roger18@gmail.com )

    3. Hello Roger, it is great to hear from you, I very much look forward to coming across Sea Fever again up the west coast. :o)