Saturday, August 10, 2013

The heat of a June day on the machair of Gigha.

 We set off from the rocks where the thrift grew at the back of the beach and ...

 ...made our way onto the machair above. It was a sweet smelling carpet of buttercups, daisies and clover.

 From a little hill above the machair we could see over the Sound of Jura to the distant Mull of Oa on Islay.

 Up here, the rougher ground had a beautiful....

 ...display of orchids. The summer sun was beating down so hotly that...

 ...we decided to go for a swim in the clear turquoise water.

Unfortunately, the sea had not yet warmed up and it was so cold that it was only possible to stay in for a few seconds. What a place to spend a leisurely afternoon!

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