Friday, July 12, 2013

The great voyage from Cara to Gigha!

We decided to stay for a second night on Cara as we had arrived a day earlier than intended and it was an exceedingly pleasant spot. So it did not take long to get the kayaks loaded for...

 ...the great voyage over leagues of open ocean to...

 Cara's larger neighbour, the Isle of Gigha.

 We explored rocky channels and...

 ...passed delightful sandy coves filled with turquoise crystal clear water before (after what seemed like an age) we...

 ...finally caught sight of the island's main settlement of Ardminish.

The sea front at Ardminish consists of a white shell sand cove backed by a building called the "Boathouse." After our great crossing it was time for luncheon.


  1. Enjoying catching up on all your blogs Douglas...what make are the kayaks...I recognise one as a Cetus..?

    1. Hello Vaindougstar, thank you. I have not blogged much recently due to various knee and shoulder problems which have kept me off the water since early summer. The four kayaks on this trip were two Cetus MVs a Quest and a Quest LV. :o)