Saturday, July 06, 2013

Relationship between sea kayaking and the environment study.

Increasing numbers of participants in sea kayaking may be affecting the environment of the places we visit. There has been special concern raised about "honey pot" areas such as the Sound of Arisaig, which are also much used by commercial operators. For its size, Scotland has an enormous coastline and there should be more than enough space for all. Most sea kayakers think sea kayaking is environmentally friendly but if you see a flight of waders rise when you pass, think of the energy cost to their survival, especially in winter. Then think of the cost when other sea kayaking parties do the same to the same flock of birds time and time again.

A Scottish sea kayaker is doing a masters level study into the relationship between sea kayaking and the environment. Part of this study includes a questionairre that anyone who has paddled in British waters in 2012 can complete and contribute to the research. The questionnaire can be found here.


  1. Scotland has an enormous coastline and hence sea kayaking is famous here ... Thank you for sharing such a nice piece of article...
    Sea Kayaking and Enviroment

  2. Questionaire filt in big yin..:-)

    1. Thank you Graham, the student will be very grateful.