Friday, March 15, 2013

Friends reunited in the Sound of Arisaig.

As we were relaxing in the sun on Camas Ghaoidiel, Phil suddenly leapt to his feet. He rushed down to his kayak and searched each hatch. Unfortunately there was no  sign of his dry bag with his car keys and wallet. He last remembered having it on the beach at our last stop, 5 km away! Phil sped off at high speed...

 ...while we did a little light exploration and lying in the sun. After a surprisingly short time, Phil's voice crackled over the VHF, he had recovered his dry bag and was now nearly back at our beach.

 We set out to meet him and there...

 ...on the horizon, Phil appeared, paddling like the Duracell Bunny.

 He was absolutely knackered but a couple of minutes later...

 ...and he was paddling once more.

All together again, our little group...

 ...set off across the Sound of Arisaig as...

...the Sun steadily dipped towards the horizon.


  1. I bet Phil was sweating between the toes until he retrieved his drybag *lol*

    Tony :-)

  2. Hi Tony, Phil's skin was leaking pretty badly by the time he got back !! :o)