Sunday, February 24, 2013

Return to the north west.

Due to worsening knee problems, I have not been driving far recently. So it was great news when Mike offered to drive me up to Glenuig Bay where we planned to meet Ian for some paddling in the Sound of Arisaig area.

 We decided to stay at the Glenuig Inn which is...

 ...well set up to cater for sea kayakers. There is an excellent drying room round the back and you can even launch from the hotel.

We were soon tucking in to excellent local prawn tails and Cairngorm Wildcat real ale by the fire.


  1. Douglas, one of the reasons I like to read other people's blogs is for the pictures, or more accurately, what fellow kayakers take pictures of. I'd never think to compose one like the first one in your post but its beauty. Good on you too paddling with your knee issues, which I hope are soon forgotten once on the water.

    Tony :-)

  2. Thank you Douglas, your posting brings back fond memories of last fall when we spent a day at Arisaig and had an excellent meal at the Glenuig Inn. Wildcat real ale by the fire, eh? We'll be back - hopefully with kayaks! Always enjoy your accounts and pics. D.

  3. Thank you Duncan, there is more too come! :o)