Friday, January 04, 2013

A further opinion on the Rockpool Taran 16.

So far the four members of our team who have tried the Rockpool Taran 16 have all been male with an average age of over 60! So it was time to redress the balance and Jennifer, who is in her early 30's took the Taran 16 for a fast twenty four kilometre trip down the Ayrshire coast past the Heads of Ayr. Conditions varied from flat calm to force 3.

Despite two of the less mobile older testers having problems with the cockpit length, Jennifer found no problems getting in or out and found the seat footrests and rudder pedals really suited her. She was amazed how tightly...

...the Taran 16 turned...

...with its rudder before she disappeared...

...over the horizon. The distant rear view of the Taran 16 is something I have seen too much of!

When we finally caught Jennifer, she liked everything about the Taran 16, apart from one little reservation about its looks when she first saw it. Despite that, she tested it and now she would swap her Alaw Bach for a Taran 16... like a shot!

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