Friday, December 14, 2012

A nip in the air.

There was a bit of a nip in the air and...

 ...the summits of the Arran mountains were covered in snow when we left Seafield...

...bound for the Heads of Ayr.

We were joined by Katie who was on her first sea kayaking outing. We hoped that she would enjoy her introduction to this wholesome, energetic and athletic activity.

Arriving at Bracken Bay we sat on an old log amongst the frost covered marram grass. David produced a flask of hot mulled wine....

 ...quickly followed by some piping hot Christmas pudding and some Singleton malt whisky to pour over the top of the pudding.

Despite searching right to the bottom of his bag, David couldn't find the matches to light the whisky so we just had to drink it instead. As we gazed over the Clyde to the snowy Arran mountains, we hoped that Katie wasn't suffering to much hardship on her "in at the deep end" introduction to sea kayaking.

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