Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A glorious effulgence on the Solway.

 The last of the wind died...

 ...as the sun dipped towards the horizon.

 The surface of the sea turned to glass and...

 ..every slight ripple distorted our reflections.

 The setting sun was not the sole object of our attention.

 Above the Isles of Fleet, the Moon...

 ...began to glow softly in the darkening, deep blue sky and far below...

 ...its reflection danced on the mirror-like sea.

 We drifted for a while until the air began to chill and we started paddling again.

 With each stroke the sun...

 ...sank a litter further until...

 ...the day was gone and only...

the moon lit our landing.


  1. These pictures lit up my morning. Beautiful! Thank you very much, Douglas!
    Keep the paddle wet...
    Best regards,
    Leif G M, Sweden

  2. Shirley Nash06/11/2012, 10:00

    Marvellous photos,Douglas. We have a caravan at Auchenlarie but don't get over from the North East as much as we'd like so your photos keep me in touch with what we're missing!Thankyou,Shirley Nash

    1. Hi Shirley you are lucky to have a place at Auchenlarie. I think it is a great part of Scotland. :o)

  3. Love the blog!
    What's the water temperature like up there Douglas?
    We don't get these beautiful scottish scenery down here :( (but still enjoy paddling!).
    Regards from Porto Alegre-Brazil

    1. Hadn't seen the sea temperature displayed there on the right lol.

    2. Thank you Ricardo, I managed to carry on swimming in the sea down to 14 degrees (about mid October) but 12 is now too cold! :o)

  4. Beautiful colors and silhouettes!

    1. Hubert thank you. It was so beautiful, we were fortunate to be there. :o)