Friday, October 19, 2012

The front passes through.

 As the line of clouds came over the wind increased to about F4-5 but it was very gusty and backed from SSW to N then NW then SSW then back to N again! I persisted with the sail until it got too squally then I dropped it. There are no photos for the next 4km as it got too rough.

 Then as the front passed over, the sun came out again and...

 ...I sped back to the channel between Ardwall Isle and the mainland before...

 ...crossing Fleet Bay with distant Gatehouse of Fleet at its head.

 The shore team were waiting to help...

 ...get the kayak back up the beach. Then back for a tasty dinner! I have just completed a year long comparative test of the P&H Delphin 155. It will be published in Ocean Paddler magazine issue 34 in first week of November 2012. I will then post it here on in early 2013.

This was our incredible view as...

 ...the sun went down in...

...the autumn sky.


  1. Really an incredible view, wonderful place!!!

    1. Thank you Leonardo, I spent the last 3 months there paddling about every second day. It would have been every day but it was the windiest, wettest summer on record! :o)