Friday, August 31, 2012

Riding the White Steeds of the Solway.

Monday was quite breezy down on the Solway and the White Steeds of the Solway started to roll in with the wind and tide.

 We bashed our way out through the shore break and out past the skerries to where the...

 ...swell was rolling in...

 ...Behind you... PLF!

 Lean forward and PLF!

 Watch out for the rocks. We were surfing in to the rocky shore at 19km/hour. Getting off the wave while the going was good was rather critical.

After a while we surfed into the shelter of an offshore island round which the swells were wrapping round both sides...

 ...and  meeting on the far side like a zipper! This is coming in on the right hand wave...

...Behind you #2... The left hand wave is coming...

 ...Yikes the zipper closed...

... but made it onto the left hand wave.

We only managed to paddle 3km but we were done in.


  1. Heh Heh! Looks like PLF'ing fun there Douglas...

    Kind Regards

  2. Its not easy paddling into the wind to get in position but when you catch the perfect surf ride it is so worth it. Looks like it was great fun.

    Tony :-)

  3. Hello Ian and Tony I hope you both get some fun days like thast one. It was great to share it with my daughter Jennifer.