Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Somewhat pissed off in Grogport.

The remote east coast of Kintyre, between Claonaig and Carradale, is almost unpopulated having only one hamlet and is...

 ...stunningly beautiful. Of course the views...

 ...over to Arran are also superb.

We paddled along a coast where the bare bones of the Earth lay exposed, then came to a series...

...of rocky channels near Eilean Sunadale. All this voyaging proved to be thirsty work and it was with some degree of anticipation that...

...we approached the promisingly named hamlet of Grogport. Now if you do a Google search for Grogport you will find that this is a hamlet bursting at the seams with facilities: "Estate agents in Grogport", "Banks in Grogport", "Businessess for sale in Grogport", "Budget hotels in Grogport", "Singles in Grogport", "Swingers in Grogport" etc etc...

One can only imagine our disappointment, not to mention thirst, when we discovered that this pseudoeponymous clachan had not even one, solitary bar.


  1. That is funny Douglas. I've found the same thing when I've googled places on Merasheen Island in planning for our summer trip. Places long deserted but there's apparently real estate to buy there. Sometimes the net is not so helpful.

    Tony :-)

    1. Hi Tony, yes it's funny how these websites give a tiny place a big town impression on the web!