Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our shadows drifted over the sands of ancient mountains.

 A little breeze helped us on our way from Corriecravie round to Arran's south coast.

It was high water, so we glided across the great number of volcanic dykes (or cleits) that criss cross the Cleats Shore.

This old stone gabled structure is now used as a farm building but we wondered if it was once a chapel.

The Kilmory Water enters the sea just beyond Cleats Shore and carries fine sand from the hills above into the sea.

It has helped create a broad sweep of sand in the bay, backed by a raised beach and low cliffs. The wind dropped and the sea turned glassy calm as...

...our shadows drifted over the sands of ancients mountains that now lay below the sea.


  1. Beautiful weather you're having up there.. I hope it lasts through the summer for you.. was a bit stormy last year but I'm still going to miss Scotland this summer :-(
    Ho hum...

    1. Thank you Mike, I hope you get back soon and enjoy better weather. This Arran Trip was actually during the good spell at the end of March.