Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cold light of day in Carradale.

 The cold light of day slowly  stole across the grey rocks of Carradale Point.

 A hot brew slowly brought life back to our stiff limbs as we looked around... where we had set up home in the dark of the previous night. There was just enough grass amongst the rocks to pitch our tents.

It was so cold we didn't waste time before getting on the water for the third day of our trip to Arran and Kintyre. Soon we had left the magnificent sands of Carradale Bay and the Kintyre peninsula behind us.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    Living in Carradale, I've seen people paddling past the harbour a few times before. Perhaps one of them was you?
    Some very nice photos. Beautiful shots of Kilbrannan Sound looking like a millpond. Interesting to see a different perspective on the Kintyre coast.

    Thanks, Matthew.
    ps I noticed the Akto - nice tent. I've one, as well as two other Hillebergs. Still, they're probably cheaper than a kayak though.