Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Emerging from the mist on the way to Ayr.

 From the sandstone ledges of Carlandcheek we headed for...

 ...the dark basalt ridges of the Heads of Ayr.

Offshore, banks of low cloud obscured Arran as we caught every small...

 ...wave and sped on to Ayr.

The unmistakable outline of a type 45 destroyer loomed out of the mist. Recently, we had got used to seeing HMS Dragon on her sea trials but this is her younger sister, HMS Defender.

In no time the kayak sailors had passed Greenan Castle on...

 ...their way to Ayr, leaving...

 ...Jim and I to enjoy the day's brief blink of sunshine. This brought another wonderful sea kayaking trip to a close.

The World is full of natural and man made disasters and troubles and in comparison what we do might seem trivial. It is true that our little trips are nothing more than inconsequential escapism. Well the World needs a good deal  more triviality and  much less trouble. In case you think I have lost my marbles, we were just wondering how many sea kayaks you could get for one type 45 destroyer?


  1. I've no idea - but I'd rather have one sea kayak than one type 45 destroyer...

  2. Hmmm

    According to a National Audit Office report published in March 2009, spending of £5bn was approved to procure six Type 45 destroyers back in 2000 (with an initial intended total procurement of 12). The first ship was supposed to enter service in November 2007. But the project experienced significant cost overruns and delays, so by the time of the NAO report the forecast cost for the procurement of the six destroyers was £6.46bn. See

    So, assuming no further cost overruns,and being slightly lazy in assuming costs can legitimately be allocated equally across all six type 45 destroyers, and using Karitek's current price list, this means one type 45 destroyer costs around about the same as 483 thousand P&H Cetus kayaks, or 427 thousand Cetus kayaks with Flat Earth sails fitted, or almost 700 thousand Delphin+Sail combinations.

    1. Julia, that is a hell of a lot of kayaks, your maths is so good, you should award yourself a sail! :o)

  3. Geoff and Ann will be pleased wit that order. Mind you sowill the Iranian marines when the British kayak fleet turns up to help keep the straits of Hormuz open:-0. Tony

  4. Hi Tony you misunderstand! ALL the navies of the World should be equipped with sea kayaks, as should the politicians! In present circumstances the Type 45's are an amazing alternative and they are built in Scotland... Good grief, we make two world leading products:- whisky (mine's a 10 year old Jura, thanks) and type 45s!