Friday, March 23, 2012

Crossing the Firth of Clyde channel.

From Little Cumbrae island our course lay a few degrees further north. This allowed us to ease our sheets and pick up speed on our crossing of the Firth of Clyde channel.

 Andrew and Colin worked hard to keep up with the kayak sailors as we crossed...

 ...some rough water beneath the Little Cumbrae lighthouse as the ebb tide met the opposing SW wind.

 Slowly the wind increased as we crossed the channel...

... and entered the ebb stream off Garroch Head  but soon we passed...

 ...the light of Rubh' an Eun and entered the shelter of...

Glencallum Bay. Time for first luncheon.


  1. Hi Douglas.
    Its not a bad location to be confined to is it?
    Due to inclination and fuel costs I have also cut down on travel journeys recently but it just makes you aware of how much is out there in the local vicinity.
    Some nice photos of the Firth.

  2. Thank you Bob. I have come to really appreciate the Firth of Clyde.