Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Michelin starred pow wow at Knockinaam

We had been paddling along the remote Rhinns of Galloway peninsula for what seemed ages. Our stomachs were groaning with hunger pangs. 

At last we came across a break in the previously relentless rocks, Port of Spittal Bay. We have several times passed this spot without stopping. There appeared to be a house standing a little way back from the beach. We started drooling with the thought that perhaps we could beg some morsels of food.

On this cold January day, the North Channel tide race was pumping on the horizon. There was a little shore break in the bay...

...and it was good to feel our feet on the beach of coarse, grey sand and shingle.

Weak with hunger, our faltering steps took us up the beach towards the isolated house...

...we opened the creaking door and stepped inside. We were warmly greeted and told we were to be the only guests at the Knockinaam Lodge hotel that night. We were told a previous resident had been Sir Winston Churchill, who held several secret meeting here with President Eisenhower during the dark days of WW2.

Even better, we discovered that the hotel has a restaurant (though it only has a solitary Michelin star). Despite there just being just the two of us, Tony Pierce the chef, put on the full menu. We dined exceptionally well that night then slumbered in the warm, comfortable room with the waves crashing on the shore as a lullaby.


  1. High-quality shelter!!! Nice post :)

  2. Eh? I dont remember eating in there Douglas. You must be getting your trip picture out of synch. Were you there a couple of weeks ago?That second picture was of me in the cetus Lv 2 years ago. Tony

    1. Hi Tony, no that was a different trip I just used that photo to illustrate "We have several times passed this spot without stopping." and it was the only photo I had of Knockinaam from the sea. It was Alison and I who went...in the car!!

  3. Ah! I thought I would have remembered a meal like that... it sounds fantastic.
    Hope you are keeping well and hope to see you on the water soon. Spring is in the air, not long until Cardoness is open.
    Cheers Tony