Monday, January 09, 2012

Sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar 2012 September

Ben Cruachan from the Firth of Lorn.

The 8th annual sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar is available from The above link will lead to high resolution photos in four different desktop sizes.

Phil, Jennifer and I were crossing From Loch Buie on Mull (where we had camped) to Ellenabeich on Seil. We had set off in a force 4 north easterly, with the wind shrieking round the cliffs of Mull. Half way across the Firth of Lorn the wind dropped to nothing before picking up from the SW again as we approached Seil. 


  1. AmazingPicture Douglas,
    All the best Tony

  2. Thank you Tony. The glassy swell only lasted a few minutes as the wind died. It was very windy when we left Loch Buie so I didn't have my camera on deck. Fortunately Phil gave me a hand to get it out of my hatch. Only a DSLR would have produced detail in the hazy conditions.