Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar 2012 May.

Port Mona, Mull of Galloway, North Channel.

The 8th annual sea kayaking desktop wallpaper calendar is available from The above link will lead to high resolution photos in four different desktop sizes.

This was a wonderful day in early summer when Jennifer, Jim W, Phil and I paddled round the Mull of Galloway from East Tarbert to Port Logan. Port Mona is an isolated beach, guarded by steep cliffs, strong tides and swell. It is a privilege to visit such places.


  1. wow! great pictures! I'm very impressed. I rarely have the opportunity to swim in the sea, but I have big experience in river kayaking.
    best wishes from Poland;)

  2. Thank you Casiopeia. I started out river kayaking to learn to roll and handle moving water but rivers scared me!