Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The finest scenic sea kayak crossing in Scotland?

 The crossing of the Sound of Bute from Garroch Head on Bute... Sannox on Arran... probably one of the most scenic in Scotland and at 10.6km requires just a little commitment.

I (and very many others) also like the crossing of Loch Scavaig from Elgol to Loch na Cuilce on Skye but it lacks the commitment of an open crossing, as you can keep to the shore.

So I would like to propose the Garroch Head to Sannox crossing as the finest scenic sea kayak crossing in Scotland.

The Carradale trawler FV Caledonia (TT34) was still trawling her nets... we reached mid channel.

Gradually, the mountains of Glen Sannox on Arran began to dominate the horizon to the SW.

 We were entertained.. an ever changing vista... the low cloud...

...drifted and swirled round the corries and peaks.

Then, when we paddled under the clouds,...

...we too were  alternately in their shade then...

 ...back in the sunshine as we made our final approach to Sannox.


  1. You got my vote Douglas! The pictures are stunning. Must be something to watch the mountains rise higher and higher as the crossing progresses.

    Tony :-)

  2. Wow may have to try that one if I ever get up there on a nice day! Beautiful pictures as always.

  3. Thank you Tony.

    Stuart thank you, it is a classic trip.