Monday, November 28, 2011

The tumbling waters of Drumbane.

 The wind dropped before we got to...

...the ancient castle of Dunure. If the weather had been bad we would have stopped at the pub but... was such a nice day that we continued north to Drumbane and a little bay with a hidden secret.

 A delightful burn tumbles out of a little glen high above the beach.

Its waters flashed and sparkled as they rushed headlong...

...over the rocks and onto the beach...

 ...where they slowed into a lovely pool...

...before spilling over a lip into the sea beyond.


  1. Ya.. I love these places that you can reach only by paddling quite, beautiful and peaceful.

  2. Thank you קייקים, you are so right, we are very lucky to be able to access these special places. :o)