Thursday, November 03, 2011

The power of water in the Sound of Islay

As the power of the tide sped us north in the Sound of Islay, the low cliffs and shingle beaches gave way... the wooded shores of Dunlossit estate. We spotted a little building with no windows at Port an t-Seillich. We could not resist exploring. It turned out to be a disused hydro electric station. Its water supply is the...

...burn that flows out of the dammed waters of Loch Allan. Today the burn's water flows unhindered over the attractive falls of Eas Forsa. The Islay Energy Trust and Dunlossit estate hope to reinstate the generator...

...and once again extract energy from the tumbling waters before they join the tidal waters of the sound...

...which will themselves soon be harnessed in a tidal energy scheme.


  1. Great photos! And some great examples of renewable energy potential!

  2. Thank you Andy, I wish Islay well with its renewable energy projects!