Thursday, November 17, 2011

The huffy heron of Barwhin.

 We paddled on down the wonderful coastline of Culzean.

 As we approched the skerries at Barwhin Point, a heron watched our approach with a sharp yellow eye... repeatedly flew off just as as we approached...

... and each time it would land about 100m ahead of us.

Finally, at the end of the reefs, it decided that the next jump to Ailsa Craig was probably a bit too far.

So it sat on the rocks with hunched shoulders looking as if it was in the huff with us. It finally let us pass...

...and we entered the more open waters of Maidens Bay.


  1. I've had many herons and such do what you describe - continue flying just ahead of where I am. Guess they aren't smart enough to figure out that I a moving in a direction, so they should loop around and land behind me.

    Editor, California Kayaker Magazine

  2. You are right Peter, all their brain power has gone in to eye/bill coordination. They are good at catching fish but not much else. Maybe they think we will have scared all the fish the way we have come and fly on looking for undisturbed fish in the hope we will get bored and turn back? May be I am being to kind?