Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Haute Cuisine reviewed at An Cladach.

The grass squelched under our feet as we made our way up to the bothy. We hung our soaking jackets under the eaves and set about lighting a fire to help dry out. I had brought some logs but we left those in the woodpile and lit a couple of peats, which had been cut from the hillside above the bothy.

Brunch was to be interesting. We had wraps, dry cured bacon, tomatoes, Leerdammer cheese slices, eggs, banana and Laphroig. Our plan was to cook the lot, roll it in the wraps and then give the wraps a final toasting in the pan.

As the rain battered off the bothy's tin roof, we slowly dried out by the aromatic peat fire and enjoyed the equally peaty notes of the Laphroig (surely you didn't think I had poured it into the frying pan, did you?) I asked Tony what he thought of brunch: "Well, I don't think the banana quite went with the bacon!"

After brunch and a snooze by the fire, we realised that the rain had stopped battering the roof. An exploration of our surroundings revealed that the sun was now trying to break through the clouds and that the tide had turned and was now heading for Port Askaig...

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