Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As if in anticipation of the sun leaving the day.

The SE wind gave us welcome assistance as we made our way north towards the Heads of Ayr.

 As the sun began to sink slowly and steadily below a layer of low cloud...

 ...we were bathed in the most beautiful warm light.

For a moment time seemed to stand still and even the calls of the sea birds died away... if in anticipation of the sun leaving the day.

After sunset, a chill wind from the SE sprang up and whisked us on, towards the twinkling lights of Ayr.
Photo Philip Toman.


  1. That was probably the best local paddle I have ever been on Douglas, and you have surpassed yourself with an awesome collection of images. I like the sunset sequence in this post, but every image you captured is a gem. Wishing you a happy paddle filled retirement Douglas with many many more days as good as this one.


  2. Just gorgeous Douglas, absolutely stunning images.

    I trust that there's no subliminal message in your choice of a sunset theme in the week that you retired?!

    Look forward to catching up in the New Year

    Kind Regards

  3. Thank you Phil, it was a very memorable day. Thank you for good wishes about retirement.

    Ian, thank you, will look forward to the new year. Yes I am sure the sun going down was not a coincidence. I had a really great job and I have retired far earlier than I had ever intended to. However, the last several years have been marred by increasing pain and disability. It has been a very bitter-sweet time this last week.