Friday, October 28, 2011

Sea kayaking round the Mull of Oa from Claggain Bay to Kintra.

A two day, 43km, paddle from Claggain Bay to Kintra, round the Mull of Oa on Islay, the most southerly point in all of the Hebrides.

Tidal streams 200m off the Oa peninsula at spring tides run at 4-5knots:
NW going flood begins HW Dover (11:31 on the day) overfalls off Rubha nan Leacan, Sgeirean Buidhe, Mull of Oa.
SE going ebb begins -0610 HW Dover overfalls off Mull of Oa, Sgeirean Buidhe, Rubha nan Leacan.

However, we found that close inshore, the NW stream begins about -0100 HW Dover.

The south east coast of the Mull of Oa.

The Mull of Oa.

Islay retrospective #2.

The Ardmore Islands and appropriate consumption.

The intoxicated Giant of Ardbeg.

Taking a break at Lower Killeayan on the Oa peninsula.

There's a kind of hush, all over the Oa tonight.

Oa, what a place to see g-oa-ts and sea eagles!

Oa my! It's a tight squeeze getting out of Bun an Easan!

S-oa-ldier's Rock.

End of the day at Traigh Mhor, Islay.


  1. Absolutely beautiful Douglas. Winter approaches (it snowed a little here today) but my thoughts are already in next year for similar trips.

    Tony :-)

  2. Hi Tony, thank you. Fortunately the Gulf Stream keeps our west coast relatively mild in the winter. Over the last year, I paddled more in the winter than the summer!


  3. Tremendous scenery Douglas.Have only ever had the privelege of walking parts of the Oa myself.
    Superb blog by the way...!

  4. Thank you Alex, I used to enjoy the mountains like you, but increasing problems with dislocating knees saw me take up sea kayaking, which I have enjoyed greatly.

    Some of the apparently unclimbed cliffs I have seen from the kayak are amazing but even easy lines are now way beyond me.