Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oa, what a beautiful day!

We really had found a piece of Paradise on the Oa peninsula of Islay. The bay was ringed by jagged stacks and the beach was backed by sheltering cliffs.

The turquoise sea was crystal clear and...

 ...the sands were washed by the gentle beat of the Atlantic surf.

 We gathered driftwood from the high tide mark and as...

...night fell, we warmed ourselves by the fire. Oa, what a beautiful day!


  1. looks fab! I'm looking forward to being back up in that part of the world next spring :-)

  2. The last pic has a really lovely atmosphere c",)

  3. Thank you Jill and Mike, I hope you have enjoyed our trip round the Mull of Oa, the most southerly point in all of the Hebrides!