Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Ardmore Islands and appropriate consumption.

 From Claggain Bay on the SE coast of Islay, the brisk northerly wind blew us...

...out past Trudernish Point. The combination of strong offshore wind and bright sunshine gave fantastic paddling conditions.

Downwind, there was nothing but open sea, which stretched away for nearly 50km to the distant Mull of Kintyre.

When we rounded Ardmore Point under scudding clouds, the sight of the distant Eilean a' Chuirn lighthouse (built 1907) announced our arrival at the beautiful  archipelago of the Ardmore Islands.

The bracing wind had given us good appetites, so a beckoning shingle beach  on Eilean Craobhach proved irresistible for a break for luncheon.

Stepping over the crab shells left by the last diner, the resident otter, we made our way to a delightful bank of heather...

...where tucked into a luncheon of oat cakes and cheese in the sunshine. As it was 12:01, the sun was now over the yardarm and so our victuals were washed down with a snifter of whisky. This fine malt had been distilled into the World, just a short distance away at Ardbeg. The distillery nestles at the foot of the dark slopes of Ben Sholum (347m). How appropriate!

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