Monday, September 19, 2011

Sea kayaking to Shoe Bay, Eilean Shona.

 The south coast of Eilean Shona proved to be a wild place with wooded islets and... plunging straight into the waters of Loch Moidart. The transition of colours from the forest above to the sea below was very pleasing.

I slipped through rocky channels, where an otter was my only companion, while Donald kept well out into the deeper water of the South Channel.

At last I spotted a sliver of silver sand cutting through the grey rocks.

Donald took a longer way round.

We had arrived at the beautiful tidal inlet of Shoe Bay. The sand here is very soft and so has claimed many a shoe! We didn't dally long, as the tide was dropping fast.

We now left Loch Moidart and turned north up  Eilean Shona's even wilder more rugged west coast. Huge boulders have tumbled from the cliffs into the sea.


  1. Hi Douglas, I have enjoyed catching up with your trip. It must be great to be able to kayak over an extended period. Between the pics you and Donny have posted it has given more than a flavour to your wonderful trip. Sorry to hear about your toe, just as well there were no sharks about. Sounds as though you are falling apart, bit, by bit. Hope you last out till the trip is over. I look forward to reading about what comes next. As always, a great sequence of postings. Safe paddling.

    David A

  2. Hi David, it was a real bad cut and I am still sore from it. Unfortunately it is the same side as my bad knee and somehow it has made my knee worse! I tried to go kayaking at the weekend with Phil but the pain in my knee was so bad that I had to turn back after a few km. I am worried about this. Having given up windsurfing, climbing, hillwalking mountain biking and even cycling, I would hate to loose sea kayaking as well.