Sunday, September 11, 2011

sea kayak photo delphin

Even when the sun is not shining, the Arisaig skerries at the mouth of Loch nan Ceall is a remarkable place. The dark rocks and seaweed are...

...interspersed with dazzling shell sand beaches. At low tide the skerries are high above the narrow channels and lagoons but even so...

...the peaks of the Rum Cuillin and...

...the Sgurr of Eigg dominate the scene.

The skerries are also home to large colonies of both common and grey seals. Interestingly Donald's motor boat got right up to them and I could sail very close but as soon as I started to paddle, they would slide into the water...

...and follow me, as seen in this photo from Donald's blog.


  1. I and 2 friends were each bitten by up to 40 times by ticks on Luinga Mhor off Arisaig in July this year. I had a course of Doxycycline and still have itchy red spots. I discovered sea kayaking through this website and recently got my first boat: a Capella RM166. I LOVE the intensity of focus and sensation being on the sea brings. I do warn those drawn to the veritable paradise of the Skerries to please be aware of Ticks and understand the increase in Luke Disease calls for caution and care in removal without leaving tick parts or worse in the skin...

  2. OOooops I meant 'Lyme Disease' Of course! (Don't you just love predictive texting!!)

  3. Yes, Gordon and Douglas, we(Glasgow Kayak Club) had been warned OFF from camping on Luinga Mhor during our wee paddling trip from Arisaig to Mallaig in June this year due to the high population of said Ticks, hence the reason we paddled round to the fabulous beaches at Port nam Murrach

  4. Hello Gordon and Graham, much of the west coast is a risk area for Lyme disease. Recently, I just stopped at Port nam Murrach for lunch and picked up an adult tick and about 5 of the small ones. I use little plastic tick forks to twist them off.