Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Luncheon with the Little Cumbrae terriers.

There was a decent weather forecast and Tony and I felt like a short local paddle. So we nipped down to Largs on the Clyde coast and enjoyed...

...a lively paddle as the south going ebb met the south wind off Farland Point on the Great Cumbrae Island.

Our destination was the Little Cumbrae Island which lay on the far side of the Tan with the mountains of Arran rising beyond.

After a glorious crossing we entered the shelter of Castle Island opposite where the house is situated.

We landed in the lee of the castle for a quiet luncheon but were soon joined by Little Cumbrae's four resident and madly barking dogs, who swam out to greet us.

They soon shut up when they saw our sandwiches and clearly wanted their heads patted. It was interesting trying to analyse the genetic relationships of this motley crew of Little Cumbrae terriers.


  1. Can I ask what kind of dog breed is in the photo and where you got it from as I am searching for a dog like that one.
    Thank you. Sarah

    1. Hello Sarah, at one time there were 5 or 6 little dogs on Little Cumbrae. They were all owned by the caretaker who I think now lives in Portencross on the mainland opposite Little Cumbrae. It is difficult to say what breeds were in most of them but the one with the white chest has a lot of Jack Russel terrier in him. His legs were very short so perhaps there was some dachshund in there as well. Jack Russels are great wee intelligent dogs but are a bit of a handful and maybe not the easiest to train. They are not the best dog if you have young children in the family. If you are looking for a family friendly dog about that size, Border terriers are more easy going and easier to train. Their downside is they require grooming and do not like being left alone. Good luck :o)