Thursday, April 07, 2011

John Willacy surfed my wake!

It was now time to leave Ailsa Craig and right on cue a nice F3-4 breeze got up from the NW to help us home. I used the sail to get in front of the others...

...and get some photos of the Arran mountains with Phil in the foreground.

Tony flashed by in his very sparkly  Cetus.

 Gradually the NW wind cleared the sky behind us.

John's Rockpool Taran surfed the waves very easily... we slid down the waves back to Ayrshire.

At one point John and I went ahead of the others, John was surfing on my wake, his bow nudging my stern....

...but I had my sail up!


  1. Great pics as usual! They make me miss "home" (Kilamrnock)quite a bit. Melbourne has nothing to compare to our rugged West coast! :-)

  2. Hello Suzuki, thank you. My brother is also ex Ayrshire, now resident in Melbourne. He too misses the scenery but I don't think he misses cold dark wet Scottish winters!


  3. The Taran does seem to surf well doesn't it? I've failed to find justification for getting something else instead, got to try it loaded but already working out how to afford one....
    But don't worry Douglas, John's stroke rate is at least twice mine so you don't have to worry about me riding your wake when under sail!

  4. Good morning, We are starting to get the Taran hear in Australia, already we are looking at puting sails on them ! mabe the expodition boats of the future?
    regards Mick MacRobb
    flat earth kayak sails

  5. great pics - thx for sharing your kayaking adventures. one of these days, i'm gonna give kayaking a go...


  6. Jim, you looked right at home in the Taran. I just hope you have a healthy bank balance!!!

    Hello Mick, a Taran with a Flat Earth sail would be awesome. Jim see above was impressed by how easy the sail was to erect and stow and I could see a glint in his eye, I suspect you might have another convert but Jimm will need to save for a Taran first! Another of my seakayaking friends, Mike, bought a Flat Earth sail from Kari-tek on Saturday!

    Thank you Highlandwriter, plenty more photos from Ailsa Craig to come!