Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ailsa sunset.

It is always sad to leave Ailsa Craig and its teeming bird colonies. Mostly we don't look back...

 ...mainly because the return involves crossing a busy shipping channel. We stopped to let MV Johanna Desiree pass in front of us. She was bound from Ayr to Santander at 10.8 knots. Behind us, the P&O Express from Larne to Troon passed at a faster 30.6 knots!

 As the rock slowly receded...

 ...the sun sank towards the horizon...

...and we enjoyed another wonderful sunset  from the skerries of the Lendalfoot shore.


  1. Great photos, as ever, Douglas. For a while, I've been fascinated by the level of detail you include about the vessels you encounter on the water. But quoting speeds to a tenth of a knot takes the biscuit! How do you do it? Onboard AIS? On a kayak??

  2. Thank you Graham, Ship AIS website is very useful as it has a history page!