Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Umbrellas in a sunny Loch Sunart.

After lunch we continued westwards, deep into Loch Sunart. As we passed  Rubha Aird Earnaich we were passed...

...by the Ronja Pioneer, a live fish carrier, which was making her way up the Loch to a fish farm. Once she had loaded with fish she would make for the fish processing plant in Loch Creran.

A nice westerly breeze got up and I soon hoisted my Flat Earth sail.

Not to be outdone, David put his trusty brolly up.

It was a very pleasant cruise in the summer sunshine to another beach...

...on the Ardnamurchan shore.

We could hardly drag ourselves away from this lovely spot.


  1. I See Davie has got an emergency can o' Guinness on his back deck. Probably thought about putting the brolly under his arm while having a wee quaff.

  2. Hi Tony if you look closely it is a previously quaffed can o' the dark stuff!

    Still his boat had plenty of the unquaffed variety stashed away!